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Team Playing Gear

Team members are expected to wear the teams badge at all paintball events they attend. Every team member is encoraged to choose at least one item from the item below.

Custom T-Shirts

Customised T-Shirts

Not only are these T-shirts customised with the players playing name but they also include the player's chapter, Vikings, Expendables or StormTroopers.
Made from 100% cotton with cut vinyl artwork, at just £15 each these tops are inexpensive & excellent value for money.

Embroidered Patches

Some of our team find it comfortable to play in paintball tops or camouflage gear. For those that prefer this approach they can just add a quality embroidered team patch to the sleeve of whatever they like playing in.
Patches are sold at just £12 for 3. They can be iron on or stitched.


Great to war on or off the field the hoodie offers warmth as well as added protection to the head. Produced at the same factory where we get our t-shirts from the artwork is finished in tough cut vinyl.
Hoodies cost just £25 and are available in sizes from XS to XXL.

Custom T-Shirts

Baseball Caps

Made from 100% cotton in navy blue with bright yellow detailing. One size fits all, just £10 while stocks last.

Team Chapter Banners

Tornado Expendables

Made from vinyl with pressed eyelets for hanging these banners are suitable for use outside in any weather. Assorted sizes available on request. Prices start from £29.

Tornado StormTroopers


Tornado Vikings