Looking to join a paintball team? You've come to the right place  Our doors are always open to new applicants There are no qualifications needed to join... Novice or veteran you'll find a warm welcome in our team Team members can buy paintball equipment at subsidised prices We already have sponsorship agreements in place! We attend Tournament & Senario Events accross the country You will find us at Walk-ons & Big Events If you are tired of playing on your own come join us Come play paintball but keep coming back for the experiences & friendships Our team is open to everyone from anywhere Play with like minded people from accross the UK Getting involved is easy Use our contact us page to submit your details & join today One of the fastest growing paintball teams in the UK
Team Tornado are Recruiting NOW! for 2014 and beyond...

Tornado team members have as much fun off the field as they do on it. Our players are all ages from all walks of life.
What unites us is our love of all things paintball. Be part of something great in 2014. Don't delay, join Team Tornado today...

Team Thunder

About Team Tornado

Tornado is a national paintball team attending everything paintball from big events to local walk-on sites. Our team members are all ages & come from all over the UK. Our key objective is to play paintball & have fun doing it. For this reason we welcome anyone into the team, from novice to veteran. As long as you want to play paintball with other likeminded folk Tornado is for you. Being part of a team affords our members benefits that you won’t get participating as an individual. Recognised by the industry as a driving force in UK paintball Tornado has the support of manufacturers & retailers such as G.I.Sportz & LIPs (London International Paintball Supplies). By encouraging our affiliation with manufacturers & distributers our players can equip & play for less than you might normally expect through sponsorship & discount initiatives.

Team Tornado

So you want to Join Tornado?

In return for the benefits & advantages of belonging to Tornado all that we ask in return is that you wear & play in an official team top. Or if you prefer you can iron onto your existing playing gear some of our quality embroidered team patches. It is not necessary to attend every game on the team calendar but you will be expected to attend a minimum of four games/events over the year with the Team Captain in order to be considered a full team member. When you do play it's expect you will wear the team emblem with pride. As well as the discounts & offers we operate a private Facebook group where the team can exchange ideas & information. To get started is easy, just contact us using the contact form on this site & ask about joining the team. We'll email you back with what to do next.

"If you want a team that just plays paintball & stays out of politics you can't go far wrong with Team Tornado"
- Jon & Chris, London International Paintball Supplies (LIPs)
Team Tornado Chapters

Team Tornado is actually three teams that have come together under one banner. We play togther & all share the same resources including sponsorship.

Tornado StormTroopers


The orginal Team Tornado started by Team Captain Richard Widenbar. Based in the South-East of England.

Tornado Vikings


West coast & Kent, this is the fastest growing Tornado chapter lead by Ashley McDonnell.

Tornado Expendables


Currently in recruitment

Tornado in development


Our veteran tourney/rec-ball division are hard-core. These guys are a fierce fighting pack not to be ignored lightly on the field of play.

  • "Tornado is about having fun!" - Richard Widenbar
Richard Widenbar
Team Captain - Richard Widenbar (GreyDay)

Founder of Team Tornado Richard is still actively involved with the week to week afaires of the team dispite breaking his leg earlier this year at WARPed, North V South. Team Leader for the StormTroopers, Tornado's South-East Chapter, Richard is also Captain of the Tornado Team.

Jamie Martin
Chapter Leader - Scott Nicholson (Noxious)

An experienced player Scott employs speed & aggression on the playing field. He has spent a lot of time at walk-ons & attended many Big Events across the country. Scott is Leader of the Tornado MadDogz chapter.

Ashley McDonnell
Chapter Leader - Ashley McDonnell (MAC)

A long-time friend & fellow baller of Richard Widenbar, Ashley Leads the Torndao Vikings Chapter based in Kent & the east coast of the UK. Ashley comes back to the team after 9 months recovering from a serious shoulder injury. He brings with him a pleasant demeanour & a wealth of paintball knowledge.

A big thank you from Team Tornado to...

G.I.Sportz & LIPs for their continued support.

Cheers to the UK Paintball Community and PlanetPaintball Forum members for their contributions now & in the future. See you at the next Big Game.